July 15, 2017
Catchacoma, Ontario, CANADA

Bancroft, Ontario, CANADA

November 24-25, 2017
Welcome to Thomson Motorsport.

Thomson Motorsport is a performance rally team led by driver Peter Thomson and co-driver Rod Hendricksen.

What is performance rally? In short, it's a race against time, in a production-based car, driven on unknown roads by a speed-hungry driver and strong-stomached co-driver. To learn more about performance rally visit some of the websites on our links page.

The Thomson Motorsport team drives a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII built and maintained by FourStar Motorsports. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about the team and its progress.


Team Thomson Motorsport.

2006 Participated in WRC Corona Rally, Mexico
2005 Canadian National Champions
2005 Ontario National Champions

2003 North American Rally Cup Group N Champions
2003 Ontario Performance Rally Champions

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